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Professional Experience

As a dedicated public servant, Dakota Storm Peterson has held many roles, both research- and analysis-based and in public policy. Below you will find a few of the highlights of Dakota's professional and educational experiences.
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Sept 2023 - Present

U.S. Dept of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis - Washington, DC

• Conduct research on the distribution of consumption at the state level to measure inequality

• Prepare estimates and collect data to analyze economic trends of state-level inflation

• Perform data cleaning and wrangling in Excel, Python, and SAS to interpret time series data

Senior Tax Policy Analyst/Advisor

April 2020 - August 2028

Office of the State Auditor, Colorado Legislative Branch - Denver, CO

• Independent lead evaluator for 15 tax expenditure and fiscal policy evaluations

• Led quantitative analyses of evaluation’s economic cost and benefits using statistical data

• Executed qualitative based literature reviews and policy research using a wide variety of sources

• Wrote, reviewed, and edited nonpartisan legislative research reports on state public policies

• Collaborated with relevant industry stakeholders and interest groups on policy issue areas

• Presented evaluation findings and policy recommendations to the Colorado General Assembly

Fulbright Research Scholar

Sept 2019 - April 2020

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs - Sarajevo, BiH

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Resume: CV


MA in Economics, GPA 3.86

American University, DC

• Micro/Macroeconomics: Established deep foundation of applied economic theory
• Applied Econometrics I and II: Learned skills for data management/collection and econometric
techniques for interpreting and analyzing statistical data
• Survey of Economic Development: Applied data analysis to test theories of global development
• Labor Economics: Conducted a literature review about the labor effects of civil conflict
• Master’s Thesis: Analyzed the international trade effects of diplomatic engagement

BA in Political Science, magna cum laude, GPA 3.79

Drexel University, Philadelphia

• Comparative Political Analysis: Wrote a comparative analysis of US/Argentina reproductive policy
• American Foreign Policy: Learned about the historical roots of American foreign policy
• International Relations: Learned about the fundamental theories and practical implications of IR
• International Organizations: Developed an understanding of international organizations
• Civilians in Armed Conflict: Wrote a policy paper on how civilian combatant definitions shape war
• Quantitative Research in Political Science: Improved skills in R and Excel to analyze policy

Resume: CV
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